Blogmas Day 20 – Christmas Cards

Hi guys and welcome to Day 20 of Blogmas, there are 5 days left guys! I can’t get my head around that really and it’s frightening, as it’ll all be over after the 25th. It’s sad but exciting because I’m ready for 2018 more than I think I have been any other year in my life. But I’m not here to talk about the New Year that’ll be for another post. I want to talk about Christmas cards.

I love receiving Christmas cards but one of my favourite things is actually to give Christmas cards. My mother and Nicks mum and dad get a Christmas card which included a festive photo of Mia and Robyn, they got one last year and I thought it would make a nice tradition, so that through the years we’ll be able to see how much they’ve grown.

I remember when we were in Primary School and they’d be a large red letterbox in the school where we’d put all our friends Christmas cards in with their names and class number on, then on the last day of School before Christmas break two of us would be chosen ( I was picked one year) and go around and deliver everyones Christmas cards, it was so fun and we all ended up bringing home piles of Christmas cards.

Mia this year, handmade some Christmas cards for her nursery teachers who are pretty much amazing, Mia loves them! Which they were surprised and genuinely happy with.

So Christmas cards get around a bit during this time of year and this year I took part in a little Christmas card swap that I have never taken part in before but I loved sending Christmas cards so I thought why not. I sent out my Christmas cards to some lovely bloggers (which I hope all arrived) without wanting to receive any back. In life I do things without the presumption that I’ll get in return. I do because I want to!


So to those who sent me a Christmas card I want to say thank you, you literally brightened my day when your card fell through my letterbox. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and with all my heart I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Thank you:

But as much as I love all of your cards, I think we can all agree that the best card I received this year was from my 3 year old Mia, her first nursery Christmas card she made for Mummy and Daddy, I got a bit emotional when I saw it!

Mia’s Mistletoes x

Do you love sending Christmas cards? Do you have any traditions when sending cards to your loved ones? Let me know in the commented below!

See you guys tomorrow for my last bake of Blogmas.

Peace & Love

Zoe x


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh that’s adorable! I’m such a fan of Christmas cards too! But hand made ones are always the best. Your one is gorgeous so enjoy 😊x


  2. Fabulous post! 💙
    I spy my little X-mas card in there hehe!
    Charlene ❤


  3. I love Christmas cards, they are so fab to recieve! Did you get the ones I sent? There was one for you and one for each of the girls, little Disney princess ones and Leon helped me choose them. I do hope you got them


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