My Year & My Christmas in a Nutshell.

You wanna hear something funny, 2017 is the the first year in 4 years that I haven’t been pregnant. Yes you heard, I found out I was pregnant December 2013 and gave birth to Mia in September 2014. I fell pregnant again in 2015 and gave birth to Robyn in May 2016, that’s crazy right.

Now I wanted to do a ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post but thought nope, I’m going to do a kind of yearly round up post for what I’ve accomplished this year and throw in what I got for Christmas somewhere in there because when you become a mum you don’t really expect anything but when you do it’s a lovely thing and I want share that.

Let’s see how should I do this, I’ll start with my blog, I wrote 85 blog posts this year a large majority of those were done after June when I moved onto WordPress (best decision ever).

On my New Years goals list at the beginning of this year I wrote down, ‘finish the first draft of my book‘ I did that and I also self-published that book. By the Sea is something I am incredibly proud of. I have also started writing books 1, 2 & 3.


I read 33 books this year, I will be writing another post about all the books I read in 2017 this weekend. I’m really quite shocked that I’ve managed to read this much. It’s not easy to find time to read when you have two young children look after and a home to keep.

I completed Blogmas, yes I did. Woohoo! I wrote and published 24 blog posts from the 1st to the 24th of December, I never thought it was actually possible but I did it and it was so much fun, I didn’t let it stress me out and I didn’t let it get too much for me.

I accepted a few of things about myself, my weight? Nope I can’t, I’ll get into that another day but I can’t accept myself as someone big when I’ve never been this big before. Did I accept my stretchmarks? Yes I’ve accepted those babies because they were created whilst creating human life so how can I be angry or feel negative towards them.

I turned 25 this year on the 10th of April and I went to Primark for the first time since moving from Essex. My inner Essex girl went a little crazy! My baby girl Mia turned 3 this year and Robyn turned 1 this year. Mia started nursery this September and has come on leaps and bounds since.


On November 1st I opened an Etsy store, yes I started a business. Saying that to myself is actually crazy, I am a business woman in charge of everything and I LOVE it! This venture was something that was definitely not in my 2017 New Year goals. Not one bit but it’s something I’m very proud of.

Now onto Christmas, I got a new phone which was a complete surprise and one I love, I got my curling tongs which I’m too excited to start using and a food/hand mixer (you know you’ve reached prime adulthood when you get excited about receiving kitchenware for Christmas). I got a lovely mug from the girls and my ‘Stranger Things’ t-shirt (woohoo) I got the most comfy and soft Panda onesie from my in-laws and some watercolour bits and bobs, and a bottle of my favourite alcohol and a lovely notebook. Lastly I got a stunningly beautiful dream-catcher from my dear friend and fellow blogger Charlene McElhinney.

What I Got For Christmas 2017

Nick and I got each other the same Merry Kissmas Fiance cards. Haha. But guys the best gift I got this Christmas is a gift is one that just keeps on giving, my daughters, being happy and healthy. They are my world and seeing them happy with what they got which wasn’t a lot but they got what we could afford and they were so happy and that’s all that matter. We spent the day at Nick’s mum and dads and it was just a perfect day!

So I hope that you all had a great Christmas and your food hangovers are well and truly.

I have had good times this year and some bad times but all things I can only learn from, I am honestly so excited for 2018 something I don’t think I have been about any other year. This year I have met and formed some lovely friendships, who are all beautiful people. Finally I just want to wish every one all the luck and happiness in the world going into 2018. LET’S DO THIS!

As always Peace & Love

Zoe x




9 Comments Add yours

  1. Malorie says:

    Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved this year, and may 2018 bring you even more success and happiness!


  2. What an incredibly busy year you’ve had, Zoe! It sounds like you’ve absolutely smashed those goals, especially when it comes to you book – well done again on your publication, it’ll be the first of many I’m sure! 33 books really is an impressive amount to have got through, round of applause again! I need to up my reading game for 2018! So cute that you and Nick bought each other the same card haha, great minds think alike, eh? Sending you all the best wishes for the coming year!

    Abbey 💖


  3. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    Congratulations on everything you have achieved and also keeping up with everything! such a busy year you had! hope you’ll nail 201! xx corinne


  4. You’ve had such an amazing year Zoe! Publishing your book must be one of the proudest moments, and opening your Etsy store! I’m absolutely in love with the wedding print you did for us, it’s beautiful. Well done for completing Blogmas, I’m not sure I could ever keep it up for a whole month like that so that’s a great achievement! Also love the look of your xmas pressies! x

    Tiffany x


  5. Hello Bexa says:

    That’s so awesome you self published a book, wow! 💖 It sounds like you have achieved so much this year and you got some lovely Christmas presents too! 😍 I hope 2018 is just as fabulous for you! xx

    Bexa |


  6. glowsteady says:

    Congratulations on all the achievements this year! And I really hope you enjoyed a Christmas drink or two this year to make up for the previous ones. I hope you have a 2018 that’s equally exciting x



  7. Goodness me! You should be incredibly proud of yourself. You’re the same age as me but have achieved SO much more! Although I don’t envy being pregnant for 4 years in a row tbh haha! It sounds like you had a wonderfully successful and satisfying year. Congrats on moving to WordPress, completing Blogmas and opening your own Etsy store! Here’s to 2018 being even bigger and better xxx


  8. Sounds like you’ve had a good year, well done on reading 33 books! That’s amazing and I’m so proud of you for publishing your book, it’s amazing!! I would totally be excited about getting a hand mixer tbh, I really wanted a Dyson haha didn’t happen sadly.
    Jordanne ||


  9. You have had such a productive year and I’m so damn proud of you, girl. I can’t wait to see what your Etsy has in store (see what I did there) this year for us! ❤ always got your back sweetie and will support you endlessly and wholeheartedly x x x


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