About Me

If you’ve stumbled upon this little About Me page, I welcome you. Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Zoe I am 26 years old, a mother of two beautiful little devils disguised as angels, Mia and Robyn. I am engaged to my man Nick and I live in the beautiful southwest of England, Cornwall. by the sea.

I have many interests, I love to write. This August 2017 I self-published my first novel ‘By the Sea’. I love to draw and paint, my Etsy store will be opening on November 1st 2017, I am also currently on a little weightloss journey that sees my days following a low calorie/clean eating diet and sweat filled workouts.

I’m Just Zoe and I hope you enjoy this corner of the internet that is mine. Where I can share my thoughts, my high and my lows, my favourites and my journey.


Contact – jacksonzoe23@gmail.com